4 things kids need 1st thing every day

At the most basic level, here’s what children need immediately upon waking-up:

  1. hydration for body and brain functioning
  2. physical affection
  3. small wins for confidence
  4. appreciation and affirmation

For the full article, please go to this link: https://medium.com/thrive-global/4-things-every-child-needs-before-breakfast-73544ba088b4

I didn’t write this nor do I have any connection to the author or the organization; I just think it’s good advice.  As a Step-Dad of 3 and a Grandpa to 6 (soon 7) kids, I am eager to see as many people as possible making a positive difference in the lives of children.

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Garage Sale & Alex’s Lemonade Stand

We’re having a garage sale at my home this Friday (5/18) and Saturday (5/19) plus all beverage sales will support Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to fight childhood cancer; if you stop by on Saturday, you can purchase some lemonade from my grandson.   We’ll also be supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation on June 1st and 2nd at the Hy-Vee off of I-29 and 64th Street in Kansas City North, located at 5330 NW 64th St, KCMO 64151.  If you prefer to donate online, please click this link  (Lauren Kelly is my daughter-in-law)

As far as the garage sale goes, we have a variety of items including (but not limited to) …

  • outdoors
  • cooking
  • automotive
  • tools
  • children’s toys

If you don’t know where I live and want to stop by, send me a message.

Martial Arts & Life Lessons

I just read a blog on Medium titled, “Before You Choose A Martial Art Read This.” and while I’ve never done a martial art, I’d recommend reading this.

However, here’s the shorthand version in one quotation:

you must have a natural liking or disposition to the martial art you choose

I think that applies to a lot of things in life.  It’s going to be a lot of work and take a lot of time so make sure it’s something to which you have a natural liking or disposition.  That could be a sport but it could also be your job/career, relationships or hobbies.

So, what is natural for you to like?

Give … blood, coats, money, time, prayers

We all have ways that we can help others. It might be spending time helping your favorite charity or maybe you make a financial contribution. And despite what some say, I believe that keeping someone in your thoughts and prayers is a good thing … as long as you actually do so and they’re not just throw away words.

Anyway, I think each of those are outstanding ways to help your neighbor and encourage you to continue but I’d also like to mention two ways you can join me in helping others:

  • This weekend, I’m going to donate blood to the Community Blood Center.  They’re having a blood drive at Avondale United Methodist Church this Sunday (Oct. 15, from 8am to 1pm) and I’m planning to participate.  I received a reminder in the mail from the community blood center that my blood type (A+) can be safely transfused to almost 50% of all patients.  So, come join me in giving blood – you never know whose life you might be saving.
  • You have an opportunity to donate your “gently used” coats and blankets to Project Warmth Kansas City.   The official donation day is Saturday, November 4, from 9am to 3pm.  That day, you can drop off your donations to one of several area locations.  However, if that day doesn’t work, we’re fortunate to have Prime Sleep helping out this year by accepting coats & blankets at any of their 9 area locations in the next couple weeks leading up to donation day.

Think Globally, Act Locally.  Do your part today!

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Meeting of the Minds about “extending the print” runway

I asked Sammy Papert (from Wormhole) for permission to share a link to his post about a discussion he had with Gordon Borrelll about the path forward for newspaper companies. http://www.wormholellc.com/mailing-list/preview.php?id=51

I’d love to hear from colleagues that are (or who once were) in the media industry on how you view this discussion.

Innovation as a job

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve been one of the Innovation (Design Thinking) coaches for McClatchy the past couple of years. I’m stepping away from that although still on call if they need me. In particular, I told them to let me know if they need me to sit in on a Design Review, have research needs or have a project in the Kansas City area.  Also, I’ve told them I’m available to help out at this fall’s Innovation Academy in Boise, Idaho.

Meanwhile, they’ve added a couple full-time members to the team, a couple new coaches (that are doing this on top of their day jobs, like I did the last couple years) and now, they’re looking for an intern.  So, if you know any college students looking for internships in Raleigh, these links are both about an internship with McClatchy’s innovation team: http://www.careerbuilder.com/job/JJ56RN712GVFRLD2P5B

Plus, they’re going to actually be looking for research assistance (possibly hiring a Research Analyst for their team next year) so let me know if you have good leads for them, especially in the Raleigh market.

Digital Ad Agency positions

Do you (or someone you know) work in digital advertising … or want to do so?  If so, it might be worth taking a look at these positions we’re opening up for a digital ad agency.

I work for excelerate digital, which is a national digital advertising agency owned by McClatchy (a national media company which is probably best known for its newspapers in 30 markets, including The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer and the Miami Herald) but is also a strong digital player.

  1. Operations Manager: link here
  2. Media Strategist: link here and also this one, which is called Media Specialist II but is actually a Media Strategist
  3. Media Specialist: link here – (think more like a junior media strategist position)
  4. Display Specialist: link here 
  5. Digital Marketing Analyst: link here (this is part of the Marketing Research team and you’d get to work with me)
  6. Reporting Specialist (opening soon)
  7. PPC Specialist (opening soon)

Here are a couple of videos to give you an idea of our company culture and the type of people you’d be working with:

Please note that the majority of the excelerate digital support positions are based in Raleigh but, for the right candidate, we allow some employees to work in remote locations; i.e., the excelerate marketing research team has 2 in KC (including me) plus 1 in Charlotte and 1 in Raleigh.

If you apply, please let me know and/or let them know I referred you for the position.