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All-Stars of Business

I’m spending a couple days with some of the best & brightest minds in my line of work as part of the Scarborough Research Newspaper Advisory Council in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The group meets once per year to discuss how to make sure that the research is more than just data but instead is useful and actionable information.

I’m honored that they invited me to join this group and am enjoying the experience.  Since Tuesday happens to be baseball’s All-Star game, I thought it was a fitting analogy to think of this group as the all-stars of Marketing Research in the newspaper/media industry.  

When baseball players first make the All-Star game, it’s considered a great honor and they are sometimes in awe of those playing on the same field.  As they return year-after-year, the Veterans hopefully share some of their experience with the latest to make the team.  And each of them hopefully return with ideas & tips for their teammates back home.

Who are the All-Star’s in your business?  What can you learn from them?  If YOU are one of the veterans, are you taking the opportunity to share your wisdom and experience with others?

Congratulations to the baseball players named to the team (whether they were voted in by fans or named by managers) and also to those recognized in different industries as the all-star’s for what each of them do.  As one just named to the team, I hope that I live up to the expectations and make the home team proud.


from “Spirit in the Sky” to “Sin City”

I just finished a week-long Mission Trip with the Mid-High students from my church.  It was one of many Mission Trips organized by the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church with the theme “Spirit in the Sky” and as I traveled to a business meeting (which happens to be in Las Vegas) this afternoon, I reflected on the themes of the past week:

  1. Leave your Baggage Behind: just as the youth leading the Mission Trip urged the youth to leave behind their baggage, I’m making an effort to not worry about the numerous things going on and to instead enjoy spending time with colleagues the next few days.
  2. As the Captain turned on the “Fasten Seatbelts” sign, I was reminded of the 2nd theme: “Manage the Turbulence” whether it’s on a Mission Trip or an actual flight or in every day life.
  3. Destination Unknown:  While I knew where my flight was landing and the name of my hotel for the conference, I’d never been to that hotel before so there was some uncharted territory for me much as there is in life.

I had a great week with the youth from my church (and adult sponsor Violet) this week, enjoyed the time with my family over the weekend and am now enjoying the time to catch up with work colleagues and share ideas.  It’s important to make the most of each moment.

Going from a week with my church youth group to a few days in what’s known as “Sin City” is somewhat ironic (even though I’ll be in a conference room all day and won’t be experiencing the shows + gambling the city’s known for) yet both locations give me the opportunity to connect with people and seek ways to make a difference.