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“Decicisions, Decisions … oh pay me!  Lawyer’s Salary please!” If that line sounds familiar, you probably grew up in the 80’s (like me) and remember the commercials for the game of Life (I’d insert a trademark or copyright symbol here if I 1st knew which was appropriate and 2nd knew how to do so) but Real Life is full of choices as well. 

On Friday night, my brother and I went to a concert at LiveStrong Arena in Kansas City, Kansas.  It was a triple bill of 80’s Rock with Loverboy, Pat Benatar and Journey.  While I didn’t really care about Loverboy, they were actually better than I expected and the other 2 I’ve been waiting to see for 30 years.  Well, after an incredible drought this summer, Hurricane Isaac had finally brought rain to the Midwest so we had to choose whether to still go to the concert.  We decided to do so and I’m glad we did.  Sure, we were getting drenched even before we made it into the arena.  Part of the process was we parked quite a ways off and grabbed a bite at Five Guys (great food by the way) and then walked to the stadium rather than moving our car again … with me having visions of the car being towed but we were fine.

We took our seat about as far away from the stage as possible to watch Loverboy.  I recognized every song but as far as I could tell from where we were, it could’ve been a CD player with a bunch of people standing on stage.  Still, I wasn’t going to complain because it gave us a chance to get dry.  However, when Loverboy got done and they took an intermission, we made our third choice of the evening.

We traded in our distant (but dry) seats for floor seats with an incredible (but wet) view – great decision!  Yes, we got soaked for the next 3 hours but Pat Benatar still has a great voice (and she moves well, too) especially for someone that’s nearly 60 years old.  Then, Journey was everything that I’d hoped for.  I’ve seen a few of the bands from my childhood including Clapton, Styx and Kansas (2 times each) as well as Foreigner, Yes, Asia, Rush (more on them in a moment) and Billy Joel. However, this was my favorite concert that I’ve seen to date. Due to the rain, it will also be one of the more memorable ones. Like many bands that have been touring for decades, Journey has changed members including lead singers.  Thankfully, the new guy understood his role.  He sang the classic hits in the way we wanted to hear them and knew when to get out of the way when it was time for original member Neal Schon to shine on the guitar.  One of my favorites of their songs (but one that is not well known) is “Ask the Lonely” so I was thrilled when it was one of the first songs that they sang.

Sticking with music from my childhood, another favorite band (which I saw in concert previously) is Rush and one of their songs (“Free Will”) includes the line “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” which I posted on my dorm room wall back in the Fall of 1988 during a previous Presidential election cycle and the first one in which I had the right to vote.  I’m not going to get political in endorsing a candidate or a cause but I will urge you to get informed about the decisions and VOTE!

On Saturday, I had a different choice.  I had been planning to go to the first Football Game Watching Party of 2012 for the KC Bucks at their NEW location.  However, I found out that we had an opportunity to watch my youngest grandson (who just turned 12 weeks old) and that was an easy decision.  We don’t have the B1G Ten Network on Time Warner Cable so I had to settle for updates on my phone while the Georgia game was on (that’s my dad’s alma matre) but I made sure to wear my Buckeyes jersey to give my youngest a proper introduction to the BEST college football team in the land! 

Finally, Sunday brought a new set of choices.  My brother Dave was working a booth at Renaissance Fest and I wanted to go help him but I also wanted to goto church so this time I chose BOTH. I went to early service and helped serve Communion and then during Sunday School hour, doubled the number of youth going to next weekend’s trip to Camp Wilderness in Lawson.  So, it was a productive couple hours in addition to being spiritually fulfilling.  Then, I went out to Rens Fest and hung out with my brother at his booth for the day before coming home to spend time with my two older grandkids (as well as my kids and beautiful bride) as we celebrate our own personal BACON Fest.  Speaking of which, I’m now going to CHOOSE to sign off and go eat more bacon.  Mmm Mmm Good!