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Incubator 1.0

Congratulations to all of those that participated in this month’s McClatchy Incubator 1.0. I was honored to be one of the coaches and look forward to seeing what’s next.

Here’s a video of David Kelley speaking about Creative Confidence, which is also the title of a book that we recommended to those participating in the Incubator.  Furthermore, I’m sharing a couple quotations from Solving Problems with Design Thinking, a book that Pat had recommended (back in January) to those of us on the Leadership team:

  • “we are often truly our worst enemies when it comes to implementing design thinking. The approach summons a host of demons: our impatience for ‘results,’ our discomfort with ambiguity and messiness, and our fear of stepping into the unknown.” (page 140)
  • “where you start is not where you should expect to end up. And that’s good news. You didn’t get it wrong – you learned. So many of our flawed solutions can be traced to having stuck with a limiting question. One of the most significant contributions of design is to help us live longer in the question. It is our willingness to revisit the question we asked at the outset that allows us to reframe the way we see the world and discover new possibilities.” (Solving Problems with Design Thinking, page 157)

This photo looks back at our gathering in January when we were first planning the Incubator:

Incubator Planning in 2015-01

And here we are last week, celebrating as we concluded McClatchy Incubator 1.0:

Celebrating as we conclude McClatchy Incubator 1.0

Finally, here are a couple photos of the team I coached this week:

OMO with Coach Mark Things are looking up for OMO

It was a great (but exhausting) experience.





Preacher Man

On Father’s Day, I was the fill-in preacher at my church. The previous week, we said farewell to Gary Ponder Williams, his wife Jodi and their son Andrew. The following week, we will welcome Rev. Choongho Kwon, his wife Hannah and their sons Samuel and Stephen. So, in our week without a pastor, I was asked to pinch hit. I’ve preached a few times previously so I was happy to fill in.

Since it took place on Father’s Day (June 21, 2015) I decided on a theme of “Lessons Learned from Dad and other Mentors” in which I shared a devotion that had meant a lot to my dad and then shared wisdom from others in my church and our last 4 Senior Pastors (Jerry, Steve, Thomas and Gary) before sharing how one of our youth made a difference.

I had just returned from 2 weeks in Charlotte where I was a coach for the McClatchy Incubator 1.0; during preparation for Demo Day, we challenged them to not use notes.  So, it seemed hypocritical for me to use notes while preaching.   I could have justified it to myself that they were 3-4 people speaking for 7 minutes while I was solo going 20-25 minutes.  Compromising, I used notes during the early worship service at 8:30 (partially because I didn’t have time to set up the wireless microphone) but really didn’t look at them.  So, at the 10:50 worship service, I used the cordless microphone and left my notes and the lectern/pulpit behind.

For the most part, it went well.  However, on the first of my 3 scripture references, I said I was going to share from the Gospel of Matthew and then shared from Corinthians before correcting myself. When I got to where I was supposed to read it, I said “I like this scripture so much, I gave you a preview.”  That actually got a pretty good reaction.

In case you were interested in watching me preach but were unable to be with us at Avondale United Methodist Church, here’s a link to the (nearly 25-minute) video.   In addition, although you can’t see me, you can hear my closing prayer at this link.  I’m not sure if or when I’ll preach again but I’m glad I did so this time.


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Unexpected Experiences in Transportation

I recently traveled to Charlotte and experienced two ends of the spectrum in customer service.

Issak was my cab driver from Yellow Cab. Normally, I’m not all that fond of cabs and when I was in Sacramento, I used Uber instead. However, I had a good experience with Issak as my driver … good enough that I got his card and called him direct for a later cab ride. He was friendly and we had a good conversation. When I rode with him the second time, he remembered me and struck up the conversation right where we’d left off a week earlier.

My experience with Southwest Airlines was quite different. I normally have a great experience with them but my flight from Charlotte did not live up to their reputation. I had my carry-on (the same one I’d used when I flew to Charlotte) and because they were overbooked, they said they didn’t have room for it and would have to check it. So, they took my bag and told me that they put it on the plane.  Meanwhile, I grabbed a middle seat and had to put up with the lady from the airline flipping her hair in my face multiple times during the trip.  When I finally made it to Kansas City (the second leg of the trip) and didn’t see my luggage.  I asked about it and they initially told me to keep looking; a few minutes later, they acknowledged that my bag was still in Charlotte.  I ended up getting it the next day and they provided me with a travel voucher so I can move on and fly with them again but I was still disappointed in the way things were handled.

So, I went in with low expectations of Yellow Cab and taxis in general and would now recommend Issak to anyone needing a cab in Charlotte.  I went in with a great history of flying with Southwest Airlines and left annoyed with the experience.