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The Journey Begins

Joe and I are both former Youth Pastors. I left my position in order to spend more time with my family. Joe’s journey initially caused him to have LESS time with his family but I’m happy to hear that his new career is working out well for him. Best wishes Joe! Looking forward to hearing where this journey takes you.


I have a story to tell, and I know no other way to tell it. I do not know how far back to start so for now lets go back to September of 2014 (in future posts we’ll go even further back to help better explain how we got here, for now though this is a good staring point.) My family and I had been in Springfield, MO for a little over a year. I had landed my dream job as a full-time youth pastor leading a ministry and church that was going places and doing things, good things. The salary was great, the people were amazing, I LOVED the “job” and everything seemed to be falling in to place. Then it happened…

I was confronted face to face with my sin in a way that I had never experienced before. For now I will be vague, but we will…

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