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In Praise of the Weatherman

I have to agree with Jonathan that the meteorologist is one of the most-criticized positions yet we return to the predictions. Plus, in Kansas City, if you don’t like the weather … look out the other window because it might be different.

Be Swift, Be Precise

What one job is most disparaged for its accuracy? The meteorologist. But I’m going to go against that.

Day after day we complain about the accuracy of the forecast. Rain or not.

Yet we check the forecasts each day, and prepare based on it.

People in the past would look up to the skies and know what was coming — a few hours in advance, maybe.

We can know what’s coming, in general terms, sometimes days in advance.

When we complain, we expect some sort of scientific accuracy in predicting something on a chaotic system with variables beyond any scientific means of measurement.

We expect an accuracy we  wouldn’t expect of anyone else in a similar circumstance.

Yet, we also depend on the forecasts. I can go to the web and get hourly predictions of the temperature. I use them to gauge what to wear at both the beginning and…

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