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Meeting of the Minds about “extending the print” runway

I asked Sammy Papert (from Wormhole) for permission to share a link to his post about a discussion he had with Gordon Borrelll about the path forward for newspaper companies.

I’d love to hear from colleagues that are (or who once were) in the media industry on how you view this discussion.


Quality Matters

I’ve been in Marketing and Marketing Research throughout my career but I’ve been in media about half of it and worked at The Kansas City Star for 13 of the last 15 years. 

We did the ribbon cutting on our new printing press back in 2006, right about the time I returned to The Star after my sabbatical to Decision Insight for about 18 months. A month later, our owner (Knight Ridder) was purchased by McClatchy.  The economy went south shortly after that and the media industry has been hit as much as anyone.  Some might see the timing of our new printing presses as unfortunate but the flipside of it is that we have the best and newest presses around.  As a result, we’ve been picking up some new business recently. 

The Kansas City Star’s printing presses are already used to print The Wall Street Journal, the Topeka Capital-Journal, The Pitch, Mi Raza, and Kansas City Health & Wellness.  Starting in January, we will begin printing the Lawrence Journal-World and USA Today.   Those are some pretty big publications and we’re now pretty much at capacity.  The fact that these other publications have come to us serves as a reminder of the quality of our presses and those employees that work for The Kansas City Star.  If you’d like to read more about The Star’s official announcement, please read this article on The Star’s website: